Open Hack 2021

The inaugral hackathon organized by the Mozilla and FOSS community of Informatics Institute of Technology

Open Hack 2021

Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go. Welcome to Open Hack 2021

    The Mozilla and FOSS community of IIT is proud to present the inaugral hackathon aimed to bring out young talent, aspiring idealists and enduring developers to sharpen and polish their skills to ideate, design, develop and deploy game changing innovations and pitch to win exciting prizes.

Our Sponsors

These are our proud sponsors that are making Open Hack 2021 possible and to pave way and Promote and Empower young innovators to produce game changing solutions to tackle real worls problems

Rules & Regulations

Here are some of the basic rules you have to know when submitting an application or for an idea submission for Open Hack 2021

The set of rules and regulations for Open Hack 2021 is a guide to all participants that wish to take part in this hackathon. The guildeline handbook of Open Hack 2021 consists of all the technicalities and the requirements needed throughout Open Hack 2021

Team Registration

01st - 14th October 2021

The application for a team for Open Hack 2021 shall be deemed eligible only if it consists of a maximum of 5 members minimum of 3 members from the same university / organization.

Idea Submission

01st - 14th October 2021

The team must submit the team’s project proposal in the format specified in the guidelines document under the specified categories on or before the closing deadline.

Knowledge Sessions

17th October 2021

The teams who applied for the Open Hack 2021 by submitting a project proposal given in the competition guideline document are invited to participate in 2 webinars that will be conducted by industry experts.

Initial Pitch

30th - 31th October 2021

After submitting the proposal the judging panel will review every proposal and select 20 teams to participate in the initial pitch. Selected teams will be announced via social media and via emails.

Prototype Development

03rd - 13th November 2021

10 Semi-finalist teams have to start developing their prototype for the product. Mentors will help the semifinal selected teams to develop the prototype and provide feedback.


14th November 2021

After the mentoring sessions and prototype development stage the semi-finals will take place. Selected 10 teams from the initial pitch will get the chance to pitch in the semifinals.

Product Development

16th - 26th November 2021

Selected teams will have to start developing their product. Mentors will help the selected teams to develop the product and provide feedback.

Social Media Contest

17th - 19th November 2021

After the semifinal round, all the teams selected for the semifinals are eligible to proceed to the social media contest. The social media contest will happen in two stages.

Grand Finale

28th November 2021

Grand Finale will also attract potential investors and other experts who might mentor or invest in different teams. Which provides and excellent platform for future innovations.


01st Place

LKR 40,000

Including exclusive mechendise along with swag pack and certificates

02nd Place

LKR 30,000

Including exclusive mechendise along with swag pack and certificates

03rd Place

LKR 25,000

Including exclusive mechendise along with swag pack and certificates

Most Popular Idea

LKR 10,000

And stand a chance to win exclusive Open Hack 2021 Mechandise.


Free Swags

All semifinalists will receive the exclusive official Open Hack 2021 Merchendise

Most Innovative Idea

Idea Incubation

Selected innovative ideas will be sent forth to be implemented through the Idea Incubation program

Get your team prepared and register for Open Hack 2021 brough to you by the Mozilla & FOSS community of IIT

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For Open Hack 2021. Each team composition can consist of 3 - 5 team members. It is mandatory to have a minimum of 3 members. Click "Ruules & Regulations" for all guidelines RULES & REGULATIONS

  • You can register for Open Hack 2021 with the registration section or click "Register Here" for the registration form REGISTER HERE

  • All idea proposals can fall under one or more of the following categories,

    Medical/Health Care
    E-commerce / E-business
    For the complete list of ideation catogories CLICK HERE

  • Open Hack 2021 is open to all undergraduates from Informatics Institute of Technology as well as other governmant and private tetiary education institutions

  • No. Team composition for Open Hack 2021 should consist of members who are in the same university. Teams that comprise of memebers from different universities may be subjected to disqulification.

  • In any case of further assistance or any additional inqueries related to Open Hack 2021 please feel free to contact,

    Brian Fernando - +94 (71) 826 0469 [President]
    Asiri Ekanayaka - +94 (76) 398 3757 [Secretary]
    Hamra Imam - +94 (76) 195 5252 [Director of Public Relations]

    or feel free to get in touch via email on,